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    hey guys,

    just reading some post you guys have entered recently. going to start off with why i am here. i am a 19 year old man who has always had the addictive personality. i play sports so i have always been around gambling with sports betting being so causal around me. so i started off with little 5$ sports tickets, scratch opens, etc. that turned into me getting a credit card and starting to play blackjack and everything like that online. last year i had just broken up with my girlfriend, been gambling a lot and of course losing. in a week i lost about 5000$ i did not have, broke up with her, and got in a serious car accident, and dropped out of school. i didn’t think id be able to pay off my 10k debt i got myself into but a few months ago i did. i worked my ass off saved my money and still have a good amount in my bank. my problem is ive been going to the casino again, and since i have money now i spend a lot more, i lose a lot, and even when i win i always need more. im not a person who will sit here and say i don’t have a problem because i do. i am going to be coming on here to try and help motivate others, with the hopes you all motivate me, and we all become who we really are again, and know we don’t need to be wasting our hard earned time and money on gambling. my problems seem smaller than many others on here, but i want it to stop, and hopefully i can help you stop.

    thanks guys, hope to hear from you guys soon!! have a good week.

    • Hey, Cam52. Good thing you recognize you have a problem now, while you are young and have so much life ahead to live fully. I just went back to GA (gamblers anonymous) as I can NOT do this by myself. Myself is only my EGO (edging god out, whatever you consider to be god or a higher power). I drove past those nasty casinos and was able to get there, to the meeting, and back home without even a desire to gamble tonight. I hope tomorrow I’m able to do the same again. The whole gambling thing is a nightmare. Nothing NOTHING good comes of it. Hope you can find recovery, too. Life is so much better without that darkness.