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    Gambling addiction, Need advice!!!

    I am a 37 single, female that loves to gamble. It is effecting me and they say just get a hobby but it is not that simple. Ideas or suggestions please?!?

    • Hi Betty
      Few ideas/suggestions
      Visit the chat room here daily and even if no one is around leave a message of how you are doing and feeling. Also find some counselling as our illness causes our thinking to become distorted and we need
      to get help rewiring our brains. Also almost impossible to arrest this illness on our own so if there are GA meetings where you live start going to them and if there aren’t try going to NA or AA meetings.
      Important to find like minded people. And if you are interested in receiving two daily recovery focused
      messages each day send me an email at ken.lambon@rogers.com and I will add you to my list of
      folks trying to not gamble just for the say.
      God Bless
      Ken L YBIR