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    Today is my first day of recovery. This is my first post on a forum. I leave behind me a wake of destruction and pain. I have broken so many precious things. I have faced my truth as of yesterday and faced the ones I have loved and hurt. I am taking steps to climb out of the pit I have dug but I am so overwhelmed right now it is hard to put one foot in front of the other.

    • One day at a time Adjs1. Healing, recovery takes time. Don’t beat yourself up to bad, we tend to loathe ourselves, and try to make ourselves feel really BAD. Make recovery your number 1 priority in life, your worth it !

    • Hi i used to be called Bothfeet before i changed to alifer.
      I knew it would take bothfeet to get help or get even up in a morning.
      But we all know one foot was mine an the other was addictions.
      I wish you well on your recovery.