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    Feels like hell.. no matter what its alifetime committment to stop. and i wish there was a more fun way to stop this miserable feeling of financial grief. thanku

    • Hi Anonc, Tonight it the weekly chat session on Gamtalk from 6-9pst or 9-12 est. I didn’t and don’t find recovery to be fun either. But recovery is allowing me to find some joy. What is joy? I like this quest to refind some joy in life. Sorry that it tough right now. odaat.. that’s the wisdom which really sticks for me. Glad you’re here and thx. for posting. tara

    • I understand. I’m having to relearn the idea of fun. I’ve spent so much time in stress and guilt that I’m slowly discovering that right now I’m ok with a lack of those negative feelings and having some peace as “fun”. Doing things I’ve neglected doing for myself like laundry, even showering and putting on makeup. Making a cup of tea and walking in the park. Don’t give up. It doesn’t even start to get better if you don’t give it a chance literally one day at a time.