• anne posted an update 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Good evening everyone I have not gamble since August 10,2018 come up on my 30 days ! I just like too think gamtalk, for helping me too go to meetings, and the sponsor on here was very supportive too me, I have been a compulsive gambler for 21 years!!! I had ban my self for five years doing the five years I had ban myself , I still would go on the casino, and I turn to the lottery instead of going to GA…. meeting I had a relative went too AA.. she told me you can’t do this by yourself. Just be for she pass away!now Iam going to Ga , I feel a lot better, I was getting tried of gambling I pray and wold ask god to remove this monkey off my back , it was a fight stop gambling is very hard thing too do . But u can stop just pray and get in to a GA. Program and this gamtalk, really help me to started my new journey of. Life!!! Thanks 🙏