• anne posted an update 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    Just my urge is trying go and gamble when I really don’t want too but guess it’s going too take some time

    • Our brain becomes trained or wired to return to the behavior of gambling and the chemical rush that it creates. We sincerely don’t want to but the brain … well it’s something that I’m reading about , trying to understand and it’s helping me. Glad you are here Anne.

    • Urges to gamble or more like auto pilot…it’s like our brain gets hi-jacked! I am going to try hard to recognize the thought process that takes place the feelings that I am having when I find myself having the urge. Maybe I can redirect my thinking??? Tara, I believe the chemical rush you are referring to is dopamine and serotonin. Gambling creates these feel good chemicals..finding other healthy ways to increase our levels is another proactive approach. I’m adding it to my plan of action. Glad you are both here Anne and Tara!