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    My date for abstaining from slots in about 4 months not 5, as I just recalculated. Yep. Gambling creates a fog out/blurrrring of details. Now I remember. tara

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    Hey Ken, I found it! By Melody Beattie : Sometimes, to get from where we are to where we are going, we have to be willing to be in-between.

    One of the hardest parts of recovery is the concept of letting go of what is old and familiar, and what we don’t want, and being willing to stand with our hands empty while we wait for God to fill t…[Read more]

    • Thanks Tara for sharing this. So true and I can definitely relate. I am learning to be comfortable with being in the between place myself and accept that my life had become unmanageable due to gambling. I have abstained from slots for 6 weeks now and I have to say being in the between place in my journey so far is actually way better than where I…[Read more]

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    Hi I’m here to learn from former gamblers and hopefully stop gambling on roullette machines.

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    I met my fiancé 5 1/2 years ago. It was pretty well apparent that she had an issue with playing slots. Phone always in her hand, sleeping with her phone in her hand…. on rare occasion, I would get her phone and see email confirmations of purchases from slotomania, trips to the casino with $1000 withdraws from the casino ATM. She still always…[Read more]

    • Hey Bruce. I have a brother who has NPD. Of course they will never admit to it, the nature of it means that they are never wrong, they are better than others etc. It is horrible because they can’t be reasoned with. I had to get away from it completely. I know you love her and you don’t want to take this option. In getting away from my brother (and…[Read more]

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    Shocking story of my rise and fall. Live in the US and have a casino 30-min away (new). Went in one night 2 yrs ago after an argument with wife. Won $30,000 playing black jack (after $3,000 buy in). Used the $30K sporadically until it was gone. Played BJ on and off, here and there for 2 years — winning, losing. Never really any debt. Played one…[Read more]

    • Commit to help! G.A., therapy and online groups; i.e. this one and/or another one. Do all three it works. Commit to it, don’t be half in and half out. You will never get ahead being a gambler even though you are winning huge amounts…as you already saw you gave it all back and then some as we all do. We gamble to try and change the way we…[Read more]

    • Thx KCKC … I am committed to help – just not sure I want to lose more than just money in the process. And thanks for your comments as I work through this. Was tough to even post this true story 🙁

    • You’re welcome. I steered clear of giving my opinion on if you should tell your wife or when you should tell her because that is your decision. Me being a woman, I would definetly want to know what is going on with my husband, the good and the bad. But I would have an easier time digesting that information if the debt was paid off and he told…[Read more]

      • Absolutely understand – thank you for your thoughtful response. It’s not that I don’t want to tell her – but I am trying to reverse the situation and put myself in her place … hearing the news .. and reactions.

    • Commit to help whether it is GA, Therapy or even in patient help. When you do commit to help you will find that honesty is the best policy and you will have to divulge your secrets to your wife. There is a possibility that while you think you are softening the blow to your wife by cleaning up the mess, you might make it worse by not bringing her…[Read more]

      • Thanks Barbarat. I agree with you and want to divulge any secrets. Working up the courage. Not gambling while doing that. And have a therapy appointment in 3 days as well. Thanks again for the response and support.

    • This was a great thread to read. And made me feel extremely hopeful. Marriages can be saved people can stop gambling and recover. I also like it when someone says stay sober. I feel like compulsive gambling is a much looked over disease.

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    Nothing is open except for gas stations. I wanted some dessert and was contemplating a choc. bar. First of all , I’m a bit embarrassed to go into those place where they expect me to buy scratchers because I went in so many times. Second of all, I don’t want to challenge myself today by going into a venue where scratchers are available… nope,…[Read more]

    • Thank you for showing how to walk yourself around an urge for chocolate and scratch tickets. Excellent lesson on how to help deal with those pesky urges. Happy New Year Tara.

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    My husband has a gambling addiction to daily fantasy sports… draft kings, fan duel…. he has cost our family so much money… is there anyone with experience in this type of gambling? It does not seem to be a common issue, which I find surprising. He is in denial that there is a problem and just lies and lies. We have two babies and I am…[Read more]

    • Hi Mommy of 2
      Not sure what part of the world you are from but here is a link to Gam Anon which is a support for the family and friends of gamblers.
      Check it out and hope you will continue to post here and join us in chat. Also if you have any questions or just need to share please feel free to email me at ken.lambon@rogers.com
      Will keep you and…[Read more]

    • Hi Mommyof2
      Check out this link. It made help you understand a Compulsive gambler better.
      And please coming back and sharing and asking questions.
      Ken L Recovering CG


  • tara posted an update in the group Group logo of CommunityCommunity 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Hello. This is Tara with a brief check in. All is pretty well. In August I had 3 months then went to a casino aand stopped coming here to gamtalk. Lost enough money in that one trip , that’s for sure. Since then I’ve purchased scratchers consistantly and I spent alot on them 2 or 3 times which was scarey. So I’ve got about 4 months in casino…[Read more]

    • p.s. I do not have a handle on gambling in any form. I’m focusing on holding onto recovery.

      • No recovery journey is smooth, there are always a few bumps along the way, be proud of the steps you have already taken and the goals you have set for yourself. Slow and steady one foot in front of the other. You got this 🙂

    • Tara, every day that you don’t gamble is a major accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself. Recovery is one of the most difficult things I have done in my life and it is also one of the most rewarding. I am not sure what state you are in, but you should check to see if your state offers assistance for compulsive gamblers. I live in C…[Read more]

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    Good Morning Folks
    Just wanted to share this piece of literature that I was given in my early days in GA on how to deal with urges.
    Hope you find it helpful.
    God Bless
    Ken L YBIR

    Suggestions for Coping with Urges to gamble.

    Many compulsive gamblers, especially those in early stages of recovery, experience urges to gamble. Repetition of the…[Read more]

    • Great Post, Ken. Thank you.

    • Thank you very much, my mother goes to the casino once every 4 months, but she just went with my cousin and she had to tell me all about what she won all the free games and I tried to tell her I’m not interested but she went on and on with the conversation thank you

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    I can’t stop with online gambling. My husband is going through cancer treatment and our house is being foreclosed on. I cancelled my cards and deleted my online accounts. I have to figure out how to get 8k so I don’t loose my house on the 11th I’ve gone a week without gambling but the desire to gamble is so strong. I’m worth more dead then alive a…[Read more]

    • I felt the same way several years ago ((( Anjholl ))) a knock on the family cottage door brought me back to reality and I called GA and found some counseling and slowly put my life back together. Also learned that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.If you keep having those thoughts reach out to someone for help. As the father…[Read more]

      • I actually spoke the words out loud to my husband just a few minutes ago and he told me that he’d rather have me over everything else. I hate that I have the thought because death has always been my biggest fear ever so for me to feel this way is crazy and I know that. I just hate myself for what I’ve done.

    • There is hope ending your life will not solve their problems, just think of the pain you will leave them feeling and the psychological problems the both of them will endure due to your death. I don’t have all of the answers hell I don’t have any answers but I know that killing yourself is not the answer.

      • Thank you I’m trying really hard not to think/feel this way

        • I know I have felt that way many times. However; you have to be strong you will be fine, we will be fine it’s still a struggle for me too. My test will come on Friday and Saturday when I have nothing to do and the thoughts of the casino start creeping into my mind. I need strength to get me through this.

    • I feel you. I’m sorry. Please remember that asking for help is a sign of strength. Be strong. You will do your family more damage if you are not here. Get a sponsor. A friend. Someone who can lift you up. Hugs.

    • This much I know, the desire to not gamble will lessen as time goes on with the proper support. I dont see how you can do this without the help and support of others. G.A. a therapists and this forum will all help and I do all three and it is working. My last casino/slot experience was 11/10…its only been 6 weeks and I am turning everything…[Read more]

      • Thank you for those words. I’m really trying and having this forum and all of you talking me through this tough day helps.

        • You’re welcome. Just take one day at a time…don’t think or worry about tomorrow just live in the moment; that really does help.

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    I have an online gambling problem. I didn’t want to admit I did but I do. Today proved it to me, I denied things to my husband who was going through Stage 3 lung cancer treatment and while he was sick and not working I was gambling away all our money. Today we got a foreclosure notice from an attorney because I haven’t paid the mortgage in 7 mon…[Read more]

    • Hi Anjholl
      I too almost lost my home due to my illness but once I admitted why I wasn’t making my house payments to the bank and I was
      to work out a plan with the bank and get caught up. I explained to them that I was getting counseling and attending GA meetings.
      During my 16 years in recovery I never missed a payment and this past Spring I paid…[Read more]

    • hi anjholl.just wanted to say,i did the same things as you,ill husband,he had no idea ,i did loose our house.and much more.
      What ever you do DO NOT tell the bank you have a gambling addiction .
      In my case my husband was placed in a carehome,he never had a clue i did what i did.
      Hugs your going down a road ive been .if we meet in chat one day i…[Read more]

    • Hi anjholl ,been where you were ,right down to the ill husband,missed mortgage payments.
      but i did loose our house.
      A word of warning ,in many and my case like ours,banks do not go so easy on gamblers.
      i would suggest you tell them anything ,but not that your a gambler.

    • I know how you feel I would go to the casino on Saturday when my husband would be working I felt so guilty I was there for hours but now I’m six weeks without gambling and he never knew I went to the casino

    • I am in the same boat. I have a major problem with gambling. I haven’t paid our mortgage and we received a foreclosure notice as well. I am still gambling and I feel terrible about it every day. I say I’m going to stop and I do for a few days and start again. I’m not a stupid person and I know it is ridiculous to put my family in this…[Read more]

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    Good Morning Folks
    Just wanted to share these tips
    for surviving the upcoming Holidays.

    Tips for Staying Sober & Preventing Holiday Blues
    Even during a period of emotional highs and lows
    Loneliness, anxiety, happiness and sadness are common feelings, sometimes experienced in startling succession. The bad news is the…[Read more]

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    My slots addiction

  • jeffrecovery posted an update in the group Group logo of CommunityCommunity 2 months, 1 week ago

    Hey everyone. It’s been nice hearing everyone’s stories and hearing about your recovery. I am getting on here several times per day for support and to give support. I encourage anyone here to do the same. I have heard the phrase “hurt people hurt people. ” How about “helping people helps people.” Ourselves and the people we are supporting. Stay…[Read more]

    • Thanks for being here Jeff. Frequently we need encouragement to help keep our recovery on a healthy course. Knowing that there are others out there who are actively working on recovery is part of individual healing.

      • Thanks Poutine; I see new members every day. The beginning of recovery can be really difficult! I hope some new members read this and try to contribute to being there for someone or coming here to discuss what’s on their mind. More is more! This site has helped my recovery immensely but you need to be serious about recovery! G’day delicious…[Read more]

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    Yes I have done 120 Days last month the G.M are a big help , I pray that someone stop gambling today, It was hard for me go to a meeting, because I was afraid and had fear, that’s normal you don’t know what to expect when you first walk in the room but once you sat down you realize that they are a compulsive gambler, too and they understand , how…[Read more]

    • Did you get a sponsor from here? I need one. How did you do that?

      • Hi Jbear
        Most folks find a sponsor by attending GA meetings

      • If your room does not offer you a sponsor, walk up to someone in the room with a lot of recovery who impresses you and ask them to be your sponsor. Worst they can say is no. If that happens ask someone else until they say yes. The sponsor/sponsee relationship benefits both parties. Its considered an honor to sponsor somebody. Its a way of giving…[Read more]

    • If the room doesn’t offer you a sponsor, go up to someone with a lot of recovery who impresses you and ask them directly to be your sponsor. Worst they can say is no. If that happens, ask someone else until someone says yes. Easy enough.

  • thomas26 posted an update in the group Group logo of CommunityCommunity 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    stock market

    • I did penny stocks and call options. The stock market can’t be predicted so it definitely is a form of gambling. I am in recovery for casino and online poker and I got the same rush from watching the price go up on an options call or stock.

  • jeffrecovery posted an update in the group Group logo of CommunityCommunity 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    This isn’t going to be easy. Please don’t underestimate the power of a drug called gambling. It is an addicting drug that we can quit. I quit gambling on Dec 3rd, 2018. I had quit for 2 months prior to that but that $50 hiccup sets my new date. I’m 4 days sober. Gambling effects us on a subconscious level and we can’t end that by thinking our way…[Read more]

    • I have never done this before. Im scared.i feel like a failer stupid im worthless.im a gambler addict. I win. Then i dont know where to stop until i lose it all again. I have lost alot of money i pawn my and my famlies things to get that last lotto ticket.im scared what people will say about me shes stupid.i have some neg in my life. But also…[Read more]

      • Hi Rizzo
        Food for thought
        Lady in my GA home group says compulsive gamblers aren’t stupid people trying to be
        smart or bad people trying to be good. We are sick people trying to get well.

  • mozzie55 posted an update in the group Group logo of CommunityCommunity 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Just want to say hi, my last bet was 28/07/2018 my poison was fobt’s online and since I registered with gamstop I have not been able to access any gambling sites online. I cannot gamble for 5 years now and am using that time to try and discover why I wanted to gamble in the first place.

    • Good job! You are doing good! The self-exclusion is the best way for us. The reasons why we compulsively gamble are numerous! I see it no different than a cocaine addiction because it makes dopamine flow. The most important thing rather than WHY.. is NOT doing it!:) and you’re not! Its a chemical thing in the brain that makes us feel good and…[Read more]

      • Thanks for taking the time out to reply, I agree that the why is not as important as the not doing it but I am very logical in every aspect of my life, except when it comes to gambling, so the why is quite important for me to stay stopped.

        • One thing that I did discover in my research is that when you get your first ‘big’ win the adrenaline rush is so intense that your brain puts up a barrier to stop your brain ‘blowing a fuse’ that barrier never comes down, but by then the gambler is hooked in trying to get that same ‘rush’, like you say, very much like a drug addiction. I found…[Read more]

  • yolip posted an update in the group Group logo of CommunityCommunity 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    I’ve suffered enough ! 15 years I’ve let this gambling addiction take control of me and my life and it’s time to take the control back ! No time and energy will be wasted on looking back but on moving forward. I’d rather drive to therapy and GA than to gambling establishments…..

    • I’m all for that.

    • Such a great way to take charge! I love that you see the value in driving to GA and therapy vs. the casino’s. Continue to move forward with a positive attitude and don’t look back. We are here for you if you need to talk or even if you just want to vent. No judgement here just love and support.

      • Thank you for the encouragement Barbarat 😊 It’s going to be a long journey but looking at it as a challenge. I learned from this group that it’s not only about stopping gambling but making positive changes in my life… one step at a time. I love the warmth in this group ♥️

  • achannah posted an update in the group Group logo of CommunityCommunity 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    I joined a week ago but wasn’t ready to share. Went back to casino instead. Just like many of you, I am not sure how I got here. Well, I guess I do know how – just can’t accept it. I was never a gambler. I was a saver. I never had the desire to gamble. I wasn’t around it alot but when I was, I would sit back and think “wow, why are they…[Read more]

    • Thank you for sharing. I find myself in the same boat. My last time was 3 weeks ago. I gambled out house payment away. Chasing. I’m exhausted. I fight the desire to go daily. It’s depressing, stressful, and sad.

    • I hear you! I’m in Oklahoma too. Did you know that Oklahoma casinos are completely unregulated? They can get away with literally anything. The freeplay offers are to keep us addicted. They know they can pay out some to compulsive gamblers and we will give it back and more. There’s no way to win at any casino but Oklahoma casinos are particularly…[Read more]

    • Please know that there is hope and there is help out there. I am early in my recovery from compulsive gambling, 107 days to be exact. I read your story and wow I felt like I was reading mine. After 6+ years of gambling I admitted myself into an inpatient facility in Arizona as I just could not stop going to the Casino’s here in Southern…[Read more]

      • To everyone on there, that is exactly true. One year ago, I was lying on my back having run out every credit card, even a storefront lender, behind on mortgage and more, way overextended on my home while my wife and I are getting old. I was and am working 12 hours from home and was gambling week after week, month after month, had declared…[Read more]

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