Monday evening chat

This is an open chat for whatever you want to chat about. Everyone is welcome. You can drop by at 5pm EST for a GA type chat with Ken in the “Recovery” chat room or chat later in the “Monday Evening” Chat Room Drop by between: 6pm-8pm PST 7pm-9pm MST 8pm-10pm CST 9pm-11pm EST 10pm-12am AST…

Lisajo’s story

Story summary: Lisajo, gambled to try and forget about the issues in her life. After six years of gambling she realised that she had to stop and so she started attending Gamblers Anonymous (GA) meetings. Lisajo managed to quit gambling for three years and eventually stopped going to GA. Then one day, after a big argument with her brother, she had a relapse and gambled. However, the next day Lisajo was able to pick herself up again, she listened to gambler’s stories, went for a long walk, chatted on gamtalk, made up with her brother and continued on her recovery journey.