Phil’s Story: “Gambling was my only form of escapism.”

Story summary: Phil used gambling to escape from family and work problems. He hid his gambling from family and friends as his debts got bigger and bigger. He felt a huge weight lift from his shoulders when he eventually told them what was going on. Phil went to see a counsellor and after a few sessions he began to see that he gambled because he was unhappy. Phil gave control of his finances to his wife and took up cycling as a more positive way to vent his frustration and to keep him busy. Phil also used a debt management service to work out a manageable repayment plan to his creditors.

Raymond’s Story: “Miracles do happen”

Story summary: Raymond tried to stop gambling many times without success. He began gambling as a young boy going to bingo with his Mother who also had a gambling problem. He took 30 years to admit his problem. He started a business spent and lost all the money from it to gambling. His last bet was 24th January 2009 and he has been going to GA and using online support sites. He is living life one day at a time.

Terry’s Story: “ I’m proud of who I am.”

Story summary: Terry began gambling when he was 13, at local racetrack. He gambled for 40 years until reaching rock bottom in January 2000. He hid gambling from his family. Eventually he realised that a “big win” was not going to happen, so he self-excluded from the casino, went to counselling and admitted to his wife that he had a gambling problem. His recovery journey began from that day onwards.